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Welcome to the Wiki!

Welcome to the official wiki about FlashTeens' map, Republic of FlashTeens! We will have information about stations, lines, etc. in this wiki. We hope you enjoy being here in this wiki.

Enjoy your stay!


  1. No vandalizing. (2 strikes)
  2. No swearing. Some words that aren't so bad (like crap, heck) will be allowed. (1 strike)
  3. No creating/editing anything (categories, pages, etc.) pointless or nothing related to the article. (may vary)
  4. Remember to use Template:Upcoming when making articles about upcoming things. (0 strikes)
  5. No spamming. (may vary)
  6. Respect other peoples opinions. Do not be rude. (may vary)
  7. Don't beg for admin. (1 strike)
  8. No harassing people. (may vary)
  9. No NSFW pictures/videos or any propaganda. (3 strikes)
  10. Be as formal as possible while editing. (0 strikes)
  11. Don't make filler articles. (example: only stops listed) (1 strike)
  12. No ban evading. (creating another account while your main account is banned from the wiki) (3 strikes for both accounts)
  13. Don't impersonate anyone. (2 strikes)
  14. Don't use this wiki for fan-made articles. ⇒ Fanmade Paradox (1 strike)

Strike System

The first time someone breaks a rule, they'll be left with a warning, and will get 1 less strike than they usually will get, unless they break a rule with 0 strikes as a penalty, in which case they get 0 strikes.

0 strikes: Will receive a warning in their messages.

1 strike: Will be blocked for 7 days.

2 strikes: Will be blocked for 14 days.

3 or more strikes: Will be blocked forever.

Strikes add up. For example, if one has 1 strike and receives 2, they will have 3 strikes.

Each strike has a timer of 90 days before it expires, and only one strike timer per user can be active at a time. If another strike is received before the timer for one strike ends, the older strike's timer will be "frozen" and the newer strike's timer will be active. The older strike's timer will resume when the newer strike expires. If multiple strikes are issued at the same time, only one of the strikes' timer will be active and the rest will be "frozen" and will not become active until the first strike's timer expires.

About vandalism.

This Wiki is prone to trolls such as IP user tampering. If this continues, all IP users will be banned from editing to make it easier to detect trolls. If you want to continue editing, please register for an account. Not only OTSShimajiro is the person who has the admin, but it will be very troublesome because it will break down in the middle of the night ... The work of returning is difficult, and in the first place I hate trolling so much ...

Due to continued trolls, editing by IP users is prohibited.

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